Silicone Nipple Puller

Specialist in soft silicone nipple puller

Breast Milk Essential Food for all babies

If breast feeding mothers have flat or inverted nipples, babies are unable to 'latch - on' and get fed. The Medi polymer make soft silicone nipple puller gently draws the nipple out; in a painless manner enabling mother to breast feed her baby directly.

Product Features

  • Silicone Bulb is made medical grade soft silicone.
  • The puller plastic shield is medical grade polypropylene.
  • Gently pulls out flat or inverted Nipples.
  • Slightly massages breast & mammary glands
  • Babies can easily 'latch-on' for feeds.
  • Very useful for new breast feeding moms in the early weeks.
  • Easy to use & sterilize.
  • Hygienic storage case provided.
  • Travel friendly.
  • All parts are BPA free, odorless, tasteless and nontoxic.
Material Sterilzation
Silicone Bulb Silicaone Rubber 100 °c-120 °c
Puller Shield Polypropylene 100 ° c-120 ° c
Case & Cap Polypropylene

After each use detach the bulb from the puller shield, wash in mild detergent specifically for baby bottles and nipples and rinse well. It can be sterilized in boiling water for 5 minutes or by using a steam sterilizer. Dry thoroughly after cleaning.

How to use

Wash hands and silicone nipple puller. Place the puller plastic shield directly over and around the nipple.
Press the silicone rubber bulb push the puller plastic shield down making an air tight seal and release the bulb.
Repeat until the nipple is fully extended before breast feeding the baby.
Once the nipple is extended outwards baby can easily 'latch -on' to the mother's breast for feeds.

Massage and stimulation

This silicone puller also slightly massages breast and stimulates mammary glands in the process.